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New Access Point Awarded
12 Aug

New Access Point Awarded

During the midst of National Health Center week, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced an additional round of funding, approximately $169 million to fund 266 community health centers. Bienven...
Y2Y Conference
29 May

Y2Y Conference

On April 5, 2015, the Garfield High School Student Advisory Board traveled to the Y2Y Conference hosted by the California School Based Health Alliance. This post was written by Garfield High School Student Advi...
Health Coverage and Taxes
18 Mar

Health Coverage and Taxes

Wondering how your new health insurance will affect your 2014 tax filing? Have questions about the special enrollment period to avoid fees? lays it out simply. If you received insurance throug...
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The doctors understand me. Without Bienvenidos, I would have nowhere else to go.
Bienvenidos has taught me to be more careful with my health. They have helped me with knowing the importance of exercising, taking the prope...