What I'm working on Right Now


Download LinkWindows EXE of a 3D driving game? with pretty decent physics. The model is from Google Sketchup but it looks like a direct game rip. I'll make the download available once I confirm it's not an asset rip from Mass Effect.

It plays pretty great though with an Xbox360 Controller! Almost as good as the original in Mass Effect ;)










Mako Driver
Straight C++ with Open Frameworks for the GL stuff, AssImp for model loading, and GLFW for joystick (Xbox360) controls. Bullet Physics for the collision and rigid body physics of course. Nothing beats it. This was surprisingly simple to get up and running. Open Frameworks is pretty good. My only complaint is that it steals mainline code execution and makes you write your functional logic inside a class. Which is fucking dumb and pointless.

Change of plans on the graphics - I'm going with naked models - no textures. I might add very simple geometric shape textures to give it a minimalistic, futuristic look. I'm no texture artist and it's pointless trying to pretend to be one.

Next big steps - finish physics for counter-rotating wheels to allow the Mako to pivot on it's center of gravity as described in the Mass Effect codex. Also, build a 3D mesh for a nice "test track" - something like a NASCAR circuit but maybe suspended in the air over a pit of spikes :) Also, Add Explosions and Spikes.